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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to anybody Bruce was very helpful we appreciate. Walter F
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You had an unusual task that our insurance company had never heard of: Cleanup after a fire extinguisher exploded in a bedroom leaving extinguisher residue 360 degrees in the room. You did an outstanding cleanup of everything. Thank You!. Srd S
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We were totally satisfied by the work done in our home by Delta Disaster Services. Everyone in their organization proved to be professional in every respect. Richard D and Emily F Adams
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Delta was a great experience friendy great job I would used Delta again and recommend to any body Bruce was very helpful we appreciate Walter Feitosa. Walter F
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Water Damage Cleanup Costs You Can Prevent: Tips

Water Damage Cleanup Costs You Can Prevent: Tips

Water Damage Cleanup Costs: Lessons Learned

Delta Disaster Services of Southern Colorado professionals do everything they can to reduce water damage cleanup costs for our neighbors. But the unfortunate fact is that water damage is expensive to clean up. To quickly and safely extract water, we use large, high-capacity pumps that are expensive to put into service and maintain. We are stewards of our customers’ interests, ensuring that we don’t use unnecessary resources on any job, balancing the need for speed to minimize damage with the need to keep costs a low as possible. With this in mind, we want to share some lessons we’ve learned in our years of experience, hoping to help any unfortunate customer get a head start on recovery and keep water damage cleanup costs as low as possible.

Water Damage Cleanup Costs: Prevention

Obviously, if you could prevent any water damage at all, you could prevent water damage cleanup costs, altogether. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes impossible to completely prevent water damage, depending on the source. But there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of water damage in your home or business.

Good Property Maintenance Protects Your Home of Business

Ensure that water handling features on your property are in good repair and free of obstruction. Gutters, downspouts, drainage ditches, French drains, lift drains and sump pumps are all designed to protect your property from water damage. Make sure you regularly inspect these features and equipment so they can do their jobs in the event that a flooding event threatens your property. Also, make sure that your home or business is in a generally good state of repair, inspecting roofs, vents, eves, foundations, chimney joints, window and door seals for leaks.

Watch the Weather and Be Ready

Extreme seasonal weather such as harsh cold weather or spring rains increase the risk of water damage to your home or business. Make sure you at least inspect the water handling features of your property in advance of the spring thaw. And take steps to protect your water pipes from freezing when extreme cold weather looms. Covering exterior faucets, insulating exposed water pipes, keeping heat on and opening interior faucets are all steps you can take to minimize the risk of frozen pipes rupturing and causing water damage.

Water is a powerful natural force and can shove aside our best efforts to protect our property from its damage. Even if you do everything right, sometimes unfortunate things still happen, That’s when you call Delta Disaster Services of Southern Colorado for Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times.


National Disaster Recovery Commercial Water Damage Prevention Checklist

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