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Southern Colorado Water Damage: How it’s Different

Southern Colorado Water Damage: How it’s Different

Southern Colorado water damage reflects the unique weather characteristics of the region’s alpine desert climate. Long-time residents know very well that the typically dry, sunny weather can turn on a dime, stacking walls of water on top of spring runoff to create dangerous flash floods. But there are other unique hazards that are not as evident, and the area is continually growing, so we’ve put together some info and tips to warn newcomers and remind locals in preparation for the spring and summer storm season. Read on to learn more about the southern Colorado water damage risks to your family, home or business.

Southern Colorado Water Damage Strikes From Below

Newcomers to southern Colorado may be surprised to find their home or business basements flooded without a cloud in the sky. The culprit is groundwater. Over the winter, some water is locked into the soil as ice. In the spring, as more water comes down the slope from snow melt and the winter ice in the soil melts, the ground becomes saturated, which results in hydrostatic pressure that literally pushes water into many basements. Spring storms and summer monsoon rains can then add their weight to the pressure, overwhelming inadequately sealed and protected basements with water intrusion. Here are some tips to protect your basement from water intrusion:

  • Make sure your home or business exterior water channeling features are in good repair. Ensure that gutters and downspouts are unobstructed and channel water at least six feet away from building foundations.
  • Install vapor barriers and apply sealants to crawlspaces and unfinished basement areas. Think of it like sealing a boat; fill all the cracks.
  • Ensure that sump pumps and lift drains are in good repair. Sump pumps should operate automatically when water is present. Consider replacing sump pumps that have been in service for more than 10 years.

Southern Colorado Water Damage Means Mold Risk

That’s right. Mold. Newcomers to the arid region are often surprised to learn that mold is, in fact, a major problem. That’s because mold protects its survival by producing massive quantities of spores during long dry spells. So when the water arrives in the spring, there are billions of spores spread across the area just waiting to burst into nasty, potentially hazardous infestations. This means that if you have southern Colorado water damage, you probably need mold testing and mitigation. Here are some signs of potential mold infestation to look for:

  • Bad smells. Mold stinks. If you have a water intrusion event and begin to smell a rank scent in your home or business, mold could be inundating crawl spaces, inside walls, in attics and other enclosed, dark spaces.
  • Discoloration. Watch for discoloration in walls and ceilings, possibly tipping you off to hidden mold colonies.
  • Respiratory problems. Moderate mold infestation often causes allergy like symptoms in healthy adults and can pose serious health risks to the elderly, infants and people with compromised immune systems. Some molds produce toxins that are hazardous to even healthy adults.

Protect Your Family From Mold With These Tips

Southern Colorado Water Damage Help

If you find yourself confronting southern Colorado water damage, remember we’re here to help any time, day or night. Call Delta Disaster Services for Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times®.


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