Just because you live in a dry climate like Colorado doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with mold.

You probably already know that mold spores can cause serious health issues. In fact some spores produce a specific toxin that can cause respiratory, circulatory and neurological problems in folks, even people who are healthy!

Many people think in our dry Colorado climate that we’re immune. This is not true. Actually Colorado’s monsoon season creates the perfect conditions for mold to spawn and thrive. In fact, during the summer months, your Colorado home is just as susceptible to mold as a home in Mississippi!

So, what can you do about it?

Here are a few important tips we’ve compiled for you:

Frequently inspect your home: Signs of mold include discolorations in your floors, ceilings or walls.  Signs of mold also include a musty smell in the home or if you or your loved ones begin to exhibit symptoms of respiratory unwellness. Look around the home for areas that are conducive to mold growth, areas that are dark or that trap moisture.

Don’t let it grow: If you see signs of mold you need to act quickly and decisively. You cannot allow it to grow in your home. If you find mold eradicate it and then try to fix the reason it was growing in the first place. Remember that black mold can be toxic to even healthy individuals!

Get Help!: Tackling a mold infestation is tricky and dangerous work. Sometimes it’s best to call in the professionals. If you’ve got a large infestation of mold spores it could be dangerous to yourself and your family to disturb it without the proper tools and training. If you’ve got mold and you’d like a professional opinion then don’t hesitate to call! We will send trained, experienced professionals to asses the situation so you don’t have to.